I've recently updated the game to address some of the unfair difficulty in the prologue of the game. I've also addressed a few minor fixes such as making the achievement menu a bit more controller friendly and moving an npc out of an awkward position.

This difficulty was not intentional as some of the enemy skills and enemies that would appear in this portion of the game are better handled by a party of 4. The difficulty post prologue will remain as while it is difficult to balance a non linear game I would encourage players to avoid encounters in dangerous areas of the game until they are better equipped.

 I apologize to anyone who has found this level of difficulty to prove frustrating and I hope you all feel comfortable addressing nay of your concerns with the game on our community page: https://itch.io/t/161900/titans-of-illumia-community-page

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hey man after u lose to the minister after you get done with the third guy the game glitches and the npc that talks to you goes into an indefinite loop the animations were cool tho i like the game