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Explore the mysterious island of Illumia with it's many secrets and treasures. Non linear interactive gameplay allows you to choose how you play with different routes and endings. Progress is determined by the treasure you collect allowing you to clear obstacles and beat bosses without grinding. Summon abilities of fallen heroes by embracing the power of the contracts and possibly even brave the dark depths beneath the island!


Four strangers are brought together and given a second chance when the borders between life and death are tampered with. In doing so the world they knew now seems unfamiliar to them and they must overcome themselves in order to find the man responsible for their shared misfortune. This man with dark ambitions betrayed his kingdom and released four powerful titans that had enslaved humanity in times past. In the ensuing chaos he plans to rebuild the world for his own sake, one without death or suffering. Will you decide to confront the titans, prevent the dawn of a new world, or explore the island to uncover it's dark secrets?


Inspired by the early Zelda and Final Fantasy games, this game has a heavy emphasis on exploration and strategy. Your strategy in battle including whether to run or fight will determine the outcome of each battle and being unprepared for difficult encounters could be costly.

  • Buy, craft or scavenge for equipment to keep upgrading your party. Collect recipe books and rare minerals to create equipment from the menu. Visit different stores across Illumia to find the best deals and exclusive items.

  • Keep track of quests and achievements from the menu to track your progress. Over 40 quests to complete including a mark system for tracking challenging foes.

  • Uses Yanfly's Charge Turn Battle plugin inspired from Final Fantasy 10 as a departure from typical turn based battles. Manipulate ally and enemy turns to create advantage in combat.

  • Clear obstacles with swords, bombs, pickaxe, shovel, ocarina, lantern, and zephyr boots to explore dungeons and the overworld. You may even find random loot or new dungeons as a result!

  • Each character has their own good and bad ending, completing each character arc grants a powerful exclusive accessory as well as several story changes.

Link to community page: https://itch.io/t/161900/titans-of-illumia-community-page

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.ZIP file included as download. Just download, right click and extract file. Game is inside!


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